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Reported Speech. Questions

Reported speech. Statements and questions.

Report Commands, Requests, Advice and Exclamations

Reported Speech. Requests, Offerings and other Reporting Verbs

Reported Speech. Statements

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My father told me, ‘You will surely be struck by a lightning under that tree.’

My father told me that...

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The reported said, ‘The kidnapper gave in at last and freed all the people in the bank yesterday.

The reported said that...

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Tom said, ‘This is the best historical novel I’ve ever read.’

Tom said that...

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Mary told us, ‘Going sightseeing with all the class could be great fun.’

Mary told us (that)...

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John told me ‘Last year I suggested going to Bahamas for a week’.

John told me that...

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Susan told me, ‘You’ll have to drink straight from the bottle as there aren’t any glasses’.

Susan told me that...

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The teacher said, ‘Students must write their names clearly on the top of the paper.’

The teacher said that ...

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She said, ‘I’m going to a job interview the day after tomorrow; that’s why I must buy a new suit’.

She said that ...

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He said, ‘Last week she had to go to the local corner shop to buy some convenience food for dinner as she had nothing to eat in the fridge’.

He said that ...

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Mum told us, ‘He’ll feel better tomorrow, and now you should go home and leave him alone’.

Mum told us that ...

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My brother said, ‘By the end of the year I will have been promoted to executive director.

My brother said that ...

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Our boss said, ‘Not everybody should apply for this job.’

Our boss said that ...

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She told me, ‘She knocked the door when I was taking a picture of the room for the decorator.’

She told me that ...

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They said, ‘We’ve just logged on to the Internet and she’s posted a photo on Instagram.’

They said that ...

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She said, ‘I don’t know whether my shoes match with this belt.’

She said that ...

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She said, ‘I don’t know whether my shoes match with this belt.’

She said that ...


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The reporter said, ‘All pop bands dream of having a record in the charts.’

The reporter said that ...

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You said, ‘They will compete in the next world championship tomorrow.’

You said that ...

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She told me, ‘He’s been looking for an affordable rented accommodation, but he can’t find any’.

She told me that ...

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They said, ‘Badly paid jobs are being offered to students who want to earn some money’.

They said that ...

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You told me, ‘Next year we’re going to organise a contest for a party’.

You told me that ...

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‘Will you be doing the laundry by 7.00 p.m.?’ Mary wanted to know.

Mary wanted to know if...

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‘Had someone left the door open? The doorman asked.

The doorman asked if...

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‘Was he looking at you when you tripped over?’ I asked her.

I asked her...

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‘Are they saving money to buy this house?’ I wondered.

I wondered...

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