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Reported speech. Statements and questions.

Reported Speech. Statements

Report Commands, Requests, Advice and Exclamations

Reported Speech. Requests, Offerings and other Reporting Verbs

Reported Speech. Questions

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‘Why do you want to change your shoes now?’ I asked her.

I asked him ...

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‘Would you buy a house like this?’ She asked me.

She asked me if...

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‘Where is Lisa studying?’ She’s not in her room’ Mum asked you. (use 'because' to join the two sentences)

Mum asked you ...

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‘How many books have you read this year?’ I asked him.

I asked him ...

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‘How long has she been living here?’ I wanted to know.

I wanted to know ...

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‘Why will we have to leave their bags under the chair?’ The student asked the teacher.

The student asked the teacher...

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‘Are they saving money to buy this house?’ I wondered.

I wondered...

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‘Was he looking at you when you tripped over?’ I asked her.

I asked her...

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‘Had someone left the door open? The doorman asked.

The doorman asked if...

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‘Will you be doing the laundry by 7.00 p.m.?’ Mary wanted to know.

Mary wanted to know if...

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